About myself:Baby with his mother

Now, let me introduce myself. I am a housewife spent a long time trying to deal with my child as he is very hyperactive and all the time does in a very bad behavior.

Why Early Childhood Education?

My problem starts at the moment of his birth, he moves a lot and I always say to myself, all children do the same as my son and I have no experience with such things.

Also, my mother was a mother of 6 children and has a wide experience with them. So, she advised me to go to psychiatrist specialist in children’s to reassure.

After that, we went when he was a year and 9 months and I told the doctor about him that he was constantly on the move in the sense that he does not sit for even a minute, & along the day he moves around a lot and breaks all the stuff in front of him and beats all the kids that he meets such as his sisters, friends, or family.

He is very impulsive in his movement until it reaches the matter to hurt himself sometimes from his high impulse.

How I get my experience?

Really, I searched a lot to know how to deal with this kind of children specifically. But, through my researches, I find a huge valuable information that is very important in how dealing with our children.

Also, this information and advice help me till this moment in dealing with my daughter and this son I’m talked about.

So, I think that you will find her with me a wide range of information about your children and will help you to fix all your problems with children and to know the secrets of their own world in the way that you seem sit in their minds and know how they even think. Also, I can guarantee you that all information provided here is originally based on scientific and experimental perspectives.

And they will be valuable outcomes from very long experiences for a number of mothers for different types of children.

What you can find here:

If you are looking for articles about education and teaching ideas to help you teach Pre-K or Preschool, you are in the right place.

everything you need from Top tips in raising children, fine motor to classroom management.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, librarian, or anyone who wishes to teach early learners, you are welcome here!

Finally, here, you can get everything, information, tips about your children, then to apply it to yours, and finally observe the result positively and happy about your good efforts. Besides, your comments and problems with your children are considered and will be discussed here. See you in the next post, waiting for your rich comments, feedback, and reviews.

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