California Teaching Credential Requirements


California Teaching Credential Requirements

California Teaching Credential Requirements

Regardless of whether you want to teach early childhood education,  primary, secondary, high school, or special education, there are a number of  California teaching credential requirements.

The Teacher Certification Commission (CTC) sets teachers’ undergraduate and teaching standards and offers a variety of ways to become a certified teacher.

More information about California Teaching Credential Requirements can be found through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Alternative Teaching License in California

There are several alternative ways that a candidate for certification in California can take. These include a university internship program, a school internship program, lessons at a private school or the Peace Corps.

1.Credentialing Through Intern  

Internship programs suffer hopeful new teachers to work in the classroom and gain hands-on experience as they complete coursework in a teacher preparatory program. Regardless of whether you are completing an internship program at universities or public schools, all interns must have already completed a bachelor’s degree program that has passed basic skills and meets fingerprint and background approval requirements.

2.  Credentialing Through Experience Teaching at a Private School

All private schools do not require teachers to be approved by the state. Those who have at least three years of experience in private school classes can apply to the state and give up the student teaching component. Candidates with six or more years of teaching experience can complete the preparatory program for teachers.

3.  Credentialing Through  peace corps teaching

Applicants for California teacher support who have served at least 18 months in the Peace Corps may be eligible to waive the requirements of the Teacher Preparation Program. Candidates must have completed at least 50% of the Peace Corps experience in the preparation of the semester and must meet all other requirements for accreditation.

Can be found More information through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

How to Become a Teacher in California 2018

Check out the video for key facts about California teacher credential.

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