Creating Classroom Rules Together

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classroom rules for students
We explore how to turn classroom rules into a classroom pledge that your students want to follow.

Creating Classroom Rules Together

The idea is to get your students to help write the rules in the form of a classroom pledge.

This gives them ownership of the classroom rules and encourages them to help each other behave.

Divide your whiteboard into two and ask your students to brainstorm ideas about good classroom behavior and how they should treat each other.

Write their ideas down on one side of the board and repeat this process for things they shouldn’t do.

If you have young students who can’t read, try having them draw pictures as part of the brainstorming process.

If any important social skills are missing, give your students a hint or help them find it.

Then have them help combine similar ideas on both sides. Be sure to thank them and give them praise for their ideas.

Classroom Rules For Students

Your goal is to reinforce positive behavior. With these two lists write your classroom pledge.

For example:

“In Room 314 we are always kind, listen to our teacher, ask a lot of questions and help each other.

We don’t say or do things that hurt or take without asking. We are here to learn and do our best!”

Speak out your pledge together once a day and your students will want to help each other follow their very own classroom rules.

– If you have your own ideas on how to improve the classroom please let us know in the comments

and please post your own versions of the classroom pledge. Thank you for watching!

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