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I wonder if you can relate to this. Have you ever had trouble remembering information? Lines of writing like this? When I was at school, one way I used to learn was this:

I used to read. And reading’s a great way to learn, isn’t it? But you know, sometimes my expression would be a bit like this. Because what I used to find was that sometimes I’d be reading all these lines and they just weren’t going in. Is this familiar to you? And I’d sometimes turn the paper over and try to remember it and my mind had just gone blank and I couldn’t remember anything.

And then I’d start to get really worried. I’d start to sweat and fret and get all anxious, especially if it got near to the examination. And I thought to myself, “I’m never gonna remember any of this!”

And I also thought to myself, “There must be an easier way, mustn’t there?” And there is.

Because if we take that information and we turn it into a picture with a drawing, we remember it. Because when we draw, we remember more!

People say, “That’s a great idea but I can’t draw.” But I believe everybody can draw certainly well enough to make learning memorable.

We’re gonna start building up our visual toolkit with, firstly, a circle. Get your paper ready. Have your paper this way around like the flip chart. And we are gonna start

by simply drawing a circle. Next, draw two more circles and make them into eyes. Then a nose. And then a nice smile.

And over here let’s try another one. Some more eyes, this time looking in this way and a nose. And this time let’s do a different expression a circle which we can shade in and we’ve got a shocked expression.

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