Early Childhood Education Jobs


Early Childhood Education Jobs

Early Childhood Education Jobs

Tips and tricks for going into early childhood education:

1. My first semester, I took three three education classes, I took intro to IDI which is just pretty much the history of Education which was not the most interesting thing, I’ve ever experienced.

2. I took educational technology which again that one was not interesting at all it was also a three-hour long class so the one that I did enjoy that.

3. I took last semester was foundations in early childhood education and that one I got to go work in the preschool that they have on campus here, and I got to be in a classroom and observe and like interacting with the kids and that was the coolest thing for me.

I think because I got to like see how a teacher would run a classroom in a preschool setting which was fun to see and those kids were adorable so it was fun and I also learned a lot about the field of early childhood education through that class so that one was definitely my favorite one that.

4. I took last semester, this semester my education classes are educational psychology and special IDI 101 which it’s like individuals with exceptionalities for both of those classes.

I’m actually in a school this semester, so I don’t really like go to those classes right now right now I’m tutoring a third grader for the I don’t even know what test.

They are honest they haven’t taken some because I can argue that could be a whole nother thing up about testing third graders like their robots but that’ll be a different yeah, so that I’m tutoring her in English English reading and math that’s what I do in like place of my educational psychology class for now until March when they take the test.

And then I’m gonna be back in the like back on campus that you see taking a class and pretty much in that class what we talk about is how you apply like psychology in the field of education.

That’s what we did the first couple weeks and then we started going to school the individuals with exceptionalities which is the special ed class it’s exactly what it sounds like you learn about the different like disabilities that children have and you learn how you work with them, and how you would like if you had to experience it in the classroom, like what you would have to do in that situation it is a four year program.

They have like you can get it’s an early childhood something early childhood degree where you can it’s like for people that want to work in like a daycare or something but they want a college degree and you can get it’s like birth to age five or something whereas the early childhood license which is what I’m going into you get license to be like an actual teacher from pre-k to third grade.

And then if you want to which I wouldn’t want to just because I like working with younger kids but you can get an endorsement where you can teach fourth and fifth grade too if that was something that you’d be interested in me just personally.

Subjects Needed for Early Childhood Education

last semester I took chemistry and then this semester I have physics and English and then math that was last semester I took a stats class and then this one this semester I’m taking a foundations in quantitative reasoning they’re not hard math classes it’s just I’m not a math person at all so it’s usually easier than my high school math classes.

That’s a nice end of your junior year here is when you start going into like your student teaching, but I think you don’t go as frequently.

But then when you get into your senior year you’re there like every day let you go every day for the school day and you’re there like student teaching most licensing programs are the same most because you’re getting a license for your state.

So you have to like they pretty much ought to follow like at least somewhat of the same program guidelines.

So I’m sure you end up student teaching the same amount of time either way so last semester for my intro to ed class we did have to do like field experience but it wasn’t like built into the class we had to make our own time I must be required by a class you don’t have to like volunteer or get a job working in like a school or a daycare you don’t have to but it’s probably better that you do like this summer I’m getting a job where I’m gonna be tutoring kids that are in a school district over from my one back at home and I’m gonna be like tutoring them and working with them.

And that just gives you more like field experience and you just get like more stuff to put on your resume basically saying like I work this many hours with children and that will make you Stan the principal of the school you’re trying to work at isn’t going to really care that much that you worked at like JC Penney for like four years.

But if they see that you worked in a school like and you were actually experiencing like working with kids and stuff that’s gonna make you and out compared to someone who didn’t take advantage of that opportunity so you don’t have to but it’s definitely a good idea to work get a job or volunteer do anything that involves working with like kids in the classroom because it’ll definitely help you in the long run don’t let what other people say bother you I sometimes get angry when people try to tell me that you know om is such an easy major and stuff like it’s not it’s not hard but it’s not easy either like you do have to put in a lot of work.

 My best advice is to literally take advantage of any of the field experience that you get once you find out that you love doing it and you get to see like wow I’m gonna get to do this for the rest of my life like it’s the coolest thing so take advantage of like all the field experience you get to take advantage of like any opportunities you get to work with kids or anything.

That’s my best advice stay organized like keep on top of all your stuff that’s just a college tip in general ok take advantage of everything that you’re learning to take advantage of all the experience you’re gonna get and just have fun with it you’re dreading going to field experience you should probably just not be an education at all cuz if you’re not gonna enjoy being in the classroom then you probably should look into a different major because that’s gonna be your whole life that’s gonna be every day that you are in a classroom those kids and you don’t get to just say like oh I don’t want to be there.

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