10 Tips How to be a Good Preschool Teacher


Congratulations – you got a teaching job! Are you excited? Yeah, you are. Are you scared? Here How to be a Good Preschool Teacher.

How to be a Good Preschool Teacher

10 Tips How to be a Good Preschool Teacher

Probably. Well here are some tips that I wish I would have had my first year of teaching and I’m going to give them to you. Hopefully, they help.

1 Tip: those first two weeks really do matter.

So have a plan but be prepared to have it change. You need to be flexible.

You’re kind going to be on a tightrope for the first two weeks…

You’ll get through it.

2 Tip: your rug time is gonna crash and burn – often – and that’s totally fine.

You’re going to learn the signs – when they start getting fidgety do a finger

play. Two kids talking? Separate them. And when in doubt just dance.

Nothing will make it better than dancing.

3 Tip: your patience will be tried.

and tried again and again so you have to learn what works for you.

Is it taking a deep breath? Is it tagging an assistant in? Whatever it is, learn it, learn it quickly, and know that it’s going to be okay.

4 Tip: be silly and have a sense of humor!

Teaching preschool is really serious – dare I say no small matter? But at the same time, it’s the most fun job possible so be silly be yourself and have a good time doing it.

5 Tip: we can’t all be Miss Honey.

We’re going to have bad days you’re going to lose your cool and it’s okay. It happens to everybody.

Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again – because even Miss Honey has some bad days.

6 Tip: enthusiasm is contagious!

Your kids know if you’re not interested in something so go ahead get down on the floor with them. Play, explore be invested – it’s gonna make a world of difference.

7 Tip: don’t get attached to anything you own.

Much like the kids, wear nothing you value to the school.

8 Tip: don’t be afraid to borrow.

See a lesson plan that was pretty cool? An art exploration you want to try?

It’s okay to borrow it – just make sure you put your own spin on it and make sure you share your stuff too because you never know who you inspire.

9 Tip: when in doubt, whisper.

It’s probably one of my favorite tricks. The day I learned that it I just didn’t talk over them but talked under them my class became a much quieter place so don’t be afraid to whisper. It changes everything.

10 Tip: when that kid is driving you nuts hug em.

It’s what you both need.

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