How to Talk to Preschool Teacher

How to Talk to Preschool Teacher

There are some things that people often say to preschool teachers that make us a wee bit cranky.

How to Talk to Preschool Teacher
How to Talk to Preschool Teacher

These Things You Should Never Say to a Preschool Teacher

Do you need a degree to do this?

Believe it or not, many people go to school to become preschool teachers.

And we also take real classes! Not like Juicebox 101.

Education, philosophy, theory. And many districts require you to have a degree.

And we also take tests, big, many.

It takes a lot of effort to become a preschool teacher.

But we should, we’re shaping America’s future.

So you’re basically a nanny, right?

Does your nanny create a resume?

Does your nanny take anecdotal notes from your child’s work, and then develop Topics based on that?

Are there 19 other children in your house?

Most likely the answer is no.

No, I’m not a nanny.

If you love children so much, why don’t you have one of your own?

In fact, I ask myself a very big question. And my answer is usually the same: if you like

Kids so much, why don’t you have nine more?

I love children, clearly, I work with them. But

Each one of them.

It must be very nice to have summers outside.

Yes, I would! That would be very nice! I’d love to.

It’s never happened. All the preschool teachers I know don’t take the summer. We can’t afford to.

Preschool teachers have other jobs, train, work other programs. In fact, most programs

Go all year round. I’ll serve myself a few drinks 12 hours a day on weekends.

Feel free to come and have a drink.

If you really care about the kids, don’t worry about the salary.

No one goes into preschool for money.

But, if your salary is not enough to know, pay the rent, eat, live… One of the largest

Preschool teachers are concerned actually have is the idea that they are not going to do enough to do what we really like to do, which is to teach their children.

Didn’t he get tired of seeing the kids all day?

Every job is tiring. And a preschool teacher is no exception. But, what really

Fill your tank, it’s the idea that these kids in front of you are growing by leaps and bounds.

And it’s your fault. So yes, it’s tiring, but it’s worth it.

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