Importance Of Early Childhood Education


what is the importance of early childhood education?

Lessons learned during the first seven years of life are more the character than anything the child learns afterward. What a child experiences during the first years of their life have a lasting impact on the development of their brain.

‘ Preschool education plays an important role in the development of Fant because it will determine the characteristics of the person becoming; It is exercised during a period of life where basic skills and autonomy skills are established. Research has shown that basic skills and autonomy skills depend on how the brain develops. The architecture of the brain is determined during early childhood and the experiences that the child makes during this phase contribute to its development by building its elementary abilities.

There are critical periods during which a young child needs appropriate stimulation so that his or her brain forms neural pathways allowing it to develop optimally for specific faculties. By the age of six years, critical periods have passed or are declining. Children who during their critical period have not received the necessary stimulation for the development of certain faculties will then have great difficulty in overcoming the deficits. Although it is possible to develop the ability of the brain to compensate and to overcome some deficits, all the potential will no longer be achieved.

Quality preschool education programs can provide essential experiences in brain development and therefore have a direct effect on cognitive faculties. These experiences can have a lasting effect on intellectual and School Faculties and act on future learning abilities.

Quality preschool educational programs can also help children to socialize and learn to live by providing positive and stimulating interaction with the environment, adults and other children.

Although each child develops at their own pace, children, in general, evolve through a succession of physical, cognitive and emotional changes. Growing up, children need various stimulations to train their skills and develop new ones. Quality preschool programs can provide a range of different activities necessary to meet the needs of each child and the successive stages of its development.

The range of activities proposed and experienced in a quality preschool education program prepares children for the school. A Quality preschool education program helps children develop physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills, as well as positive attitudes towards the study, which are indispensable to school success. When entering elementary school, children who have completed a high-quality program have better results than children who have received a lower quality program in terms of learning and development.

Serious pre-school education programmes put children in the right conditions to provide them with facilities in their schooling and to ensure their success. The primary objective of a high-quality preschool education program is to help each child achieve their full potential in all areas of life, to develop self-respect and to propose experimental activities on which Build knowledge.

A quality educational programme is important because it allows children, during the most important years for learning, to create themselves through relevant activities. Children will be unable to reach their full potential, once this critical period for learning has passed.

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Invest in Early Childhood Development

It shows the return of investments in education, which is the highest in the early years. Governments have since started to act. In Germany, parents get a lot of financial support to raise their kids. In Japan, mothers or fathers can take a full year of paid leave.

In France, all children go to Kindergarten free of charge. If you happen to be in charge, know that with every extra minute you spend encouraging and talking to that little troublemaker, you might be doing him a favor for life.

According to the University of Michigan: “regular family dinners are a stronger predictor of good grades than doing homework.”

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