Should phones be allowed in school


By: Betsy

Should phones be allowed in school

Today, talking about cell phones in the classroom So, what is your building policy on cell phones in the classroom for Should phones be allowed in schoolelementary kids, I’m pretty interested to know that because the policy is very wildly across the country so when you think about cell phones in the classroom.

That’s one thing to find out is what is your building or your district policy, what are the guidelines around that you know, generally, for students in kindergarten through 5th grade, students kinda see them as a toy or a way to text their friends.

that’s what cell phones are for, in grades 6 – 9, if you can really start using camera or cell phones as a tool in the classroom, you know, for doing on-demand surveys or back channel chats, for taking pictures to demonstrate their learning.

All kinds of different ways that you can use cell phones as a tool but I’m not sure students in K-5 are mature enough to be able to use it as a tool so in general.

let me tell you what I do so, in the lower grades

1. The student should keep their cell phones silent in their backpacks.

2. Lock in their lockers, if they don’t have a place to lock them out during the day, I’ve always been willing to let students just lock them in my desk and then I get them at the end of the day.

I know some parents are, you know, kinda have of hibby jibbies about their students not having access to their cell phone during the day but you know, I just remind them that you know, it’s my number one job to keep their child safe and that’s they shouldn’t need their cell phone during the day and I would just make sure your parents are aware of the policies that are in place and why we have the policies we do, Now, about teacher, cell phones in the classroom not so whole other thing.

let me just say that, I think that cell phones, teachers cell phones in the classroom should be used for educational purposes only of every student in the classroom now, I know that many of you teachers out there have small children or school-aged children and you want that cell phone just in case, well, honestly, I think that if there’s a problem with your child, they should be calling the school office and the office can then contact you, it’s just, I want the students in my classroom to be my number one priority and I want them to know that they’re my number one priority when I’m with them so, just think about how you use your cell phone in your classroom, now, honestly, I use my cell phone in my classroom…all the time.

totally use it all the time, if the student asks a question, I don’t know the answer to, I can sure just look, find out really quickly by doing a quick little google search on my phone I often use it to capture student work so one great thing I did is, you know, students don’t like to edit their own writing so what I’ll do is snap a picture of their writing, throw out in Dropbox, open it up and then, we use a smart board to edit it and I tell you what kids have more fun in doing that and it really improved their writing so use the camera option all the time.

You can use your phones for so many different things, you can use it as a timer or to choose partners there are so many apps out there for teachers to use so it can be a great teaching tool, just think about it though you want it as an educational tool when the students are in the classroom and you can kind of keep the personal stuff for when kids are not in the classroom so just think about it, I’d love to hear your thoughts about cell phones in the classroom.

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